Bishop Jarrell Gives Warning About Book

MJChanh Van Nguyen, a priest of the Diocese of Bae Ninh, North Vietnam, until recently serving in the Diocese of Lafayette, has published a book about salvation, and has been attempting to promote the book in Catholic parishes and other local venues in our Diocese. Even a preliminary examination of the contents of the book reveals that a number of its elements must be considered incompatible with Catholic doctrine and seriously deviate from the integrity of the truth of the Catholic faith including:

  • Depersonalizing the God of Christian revelation
  • Distorting the figure of Christ
  • Emptying the necessary role of Jesus as Savior of the world
  • Implying that God is not a person distinct from the world but more akin to a spiritual energy that is at work in nature

Given the nature of these doctrinal errors, in keeping with my duty to protect the transmission of the authentic faith of the Church, I direct that the book should not be promoted under Catholic auspices. To allow otherwise would be to occasion grave harm and the possible acceptance of positions incompatible with the Catholic faith. Chanh Van Nguyen is currently on personal leave from priestly ministry; therefore, he should not be asked to address any Catholic group.

With prayers for your good health and for all of God’s blessings, I am

Sincerely yours in Our Lord,

Most Reverend Michael Jarrell

Bishop of Lafayette